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Identity and Destiny: Gnosticism and the New World Order by Sydney Ambrey

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Sydney Ambrey

About the Author

Sydney Ambrey is a devout Christian Gnostic, archivist and historian. He has edited both the Hebrew-Aramaic Bible & the Greek New Testament. He has widely & freely published numerous editions of the Scriptures, including related reference tools and collected works. In 2010, Sydney formally converted to Sethianism and began organizing what would become the Church of Jesus Christ Gnostic. He is now 30 years old and leads a simple life.


There are a few vital facts that we all ought to know about our formative ancient history, along with the muddled Judeo-Christian tradition borne out of it.  These facts it seems few know; they are not being taught.  Ultimately, it is for this reason—despite being unskilled at writing or teaching—I have composed the following brief introductory synopses of my research findings.

This book is written to the vulnerably lost & confused, but above all, to those who have desired to know… yet had not the method or means to seek.

Nevertheless, we still study these myths, allegories and propaganda – for their historical value.  We still want to know what actually happened, why and how it continues to inexorably motivate.  As such, we cannot throw our hands up in disgust and descend down the way of the agnostic, for religion is power in the hands of those who wield it.  Whether holy or profane, that which continues to influence countless millions of our People in defining their identities and directing their destinies must be understood exactly for what it is, lest the faithful muddle their very souls from off this earth, lest they be pastored down the gardened path like lambs to the slaughter.

The Sethian Gnostic Revival & Restoration, therefore, did not originate within the secular confines of academia.  Rather, it was timely delivered to the Camp of the Saints.  Likewise, now 70 years later, this knowledge is being delivered so that you, dear Readers, might know above all else and of a surety – that God is with us.  The continual uphill struggle of casting off the burdensome yoke of the Roman Catholic Church, of overcoming the usurpatious lies of ancient Jewish scribes, continues to this very day with newfound revelation & rediscovery.

Henceforth, Sethian Gnosticism is back in a big way.  Despite false witness & accusations from both the indoctrinator & the indoctrinated, despite threats & insults hurled by Internationalists & Universalists, the uncompromisable Dualism of this orthodoxically deemed, “unorthodoxy”—of this so-called intolerable, “intolerance”—is here to stay.  Just as the heritage & religious tradition of Northern Israel of old would not be eradicated by the likes of Rechab, Jehonadab, Jehu and Josiah… just as the true discipleship of Jesus Christ would not be wasted by Saul of Tarsus or his Pharisaic & Talmudic comrades… just as all the Protestant Reformers would not be burned at the stake by megalomaniacal Catholic leaders… the Sethians march ever forward, continuing to run their race, alive & unwavering.

I say, the HERITAGE & HISTORY—the very IDENTITY & DESTINY—of the veritable Children of God may well recline WITHIN YOU, for buried underneath the layers of corruption and generations of oppression there just might be something noble & worthwhile that was stolen & hidden away from you.  Ultimately, not your teacher or pastor, nor the contents of this or any other book, no one and nothing other than your own personal discernment can tap into that KNOWINGNESS which begets SALVATION for you, for whom we pray, of our Seed-Line, the Household of Seth.

We cordially invite you to enter into the Mysteries.

Like those who have come before me, I’m obliged to say the time is short.

Be thou ware of thy Self.


In the Hallowed Name of ELAHH.


Sydney Ambrey
April 15, 2015
Zion, Illinois, U.S.A.

The plain truth is that we humans are all materially born of a violent, terrifyingly devilish planet where the certainty of Death reigns supreme as Lord of the Earth, the primary social motivator and the fundamental driving force behind all biological diversity & change.

What follows is a brief history of the spiritually pre-existent Sons of God… the diabolical Children of the Earth… and the escalating controversies betwixt them which will and soon—for good or ill—end the world as we know it.

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